Snippets of lovely feedback from clients…

“Amy, Thank you so much for the amazing cake! It got so many compliments and was exactly what I wanted!” – Natalia. See her cake here.

“Dearest Amy, Where do I start? What a fantastic cake! It was truly the talking point of the party! The detail you created to even the condensation created on the inside of the bottles was absolutely incredible! You are truly a great artist – so creative..Some people assumed Dean was going to drink one of the Corona’s in the bucket until they were surprised when he went to cut the bucket. To top it off the taste was to die for. The Ferraro ganache divine! We have been invited to dinner tonight only if we bring more. What are we to do when the cake finishes? What a smashing success! You should be so proud of yourself. Beautiful and artistic. Sending you lots of good wishes and thank you for making Dean (and us) so happy!” – Mary. See her cake here.

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the cake for our wedding. It was truly amazing and is the best wedding cake I have ever seen. It also tasted delicious! Thank you so much again for all your hard work” – Thuvaraka. See her cake here.

“I showed that cake to my friends and they absolutely loved it and did not want to eat it!!!! I must say you are very artistic, you did a very good job in matching the color and producing a very impressive design. Thanks again” – Sidra

“Just want to thank you once again for the fabulous cake. It was seriously the best cake I have ever seen….and there were rave reviews at the party. Everyone was really impressed and also commented on how nice the actual cake was.” – Andrea

“Just to let you know they were a hit with the kids last night.  Thank you again!” – Maria

“I was speechless when I saw it! Cake pops were yummy!!” – Anna

“Cake was absolutely divine – thank you!” – Carolyn

“My father-in-law absolutely loved his camera cake – it was amazing! And tasted so good too! Thank you so much” – Laura

““Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing cake. There were so many elements to take in and every one of them was executed perfectly from the instantly recognisable Tiffany blue (if I got a dollar for every person who asked me how you managed to get the blue so right…) to the cake pops, the Trish & co and the detail of each cupcake from the embossing on the icing to the gift boxes and bags on top. We actually looked at the cake for a few days before daring to cut it apart and even as we did, I’ve preserved the mini tiffany bag, the mini gift box and your iced birthday wishes from Bec & Matt which are all sitting in my freezer.

The cake tasted as good as it looked – my work colleagues were fighting over the ganache, my friends over the cake pops and I think you’ve got a few extra random Facebook followers after they saw and tasted your cake. I could ramble on forever, but what a highlight to a milestone birthday. Certainly the most memorable cake and way to celebrate – Thanks Amy!” – Trish

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  1. Thanks for the information note! Quick question … what does Faye use to dilute the lustre? Is it Vodka or lemon extract?

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