FAQs & Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your cakes?

Cake pricing varies depending on the design required and the look you would like to achieve. Please note that the pricing below is indicative only and will vary from order to order.

  • As an example, 1 single tier (usually with 3 layers of cake and layers of home made chocolate ganache) with basic decorations start from $130 for a standard 6-8inch wide cake. This feeds around 20 people which works out to be around $5.50 per serving.
  • Pricing can increase to as much as $200-400 per cake tier if the design is complex and requires extensive sugar artistry (eg. piping, lace molding, etc), sugar flowers or high cost materials (eg. gold leaf, high karat gold luster, silver leaf, etc).
  • For example, if a cake is essentially two cakes or two cake tiers, please note that this will effectively double the price.
  • 3D and novelty carved cakes start from $300 depending on design and complexity.
  • Large cakes and multiple tiered wedding cakes are priced on application – please enquire first and we can design a cake together to fit your budget.
  • A minimum spend of $250 applies to all cake projects.

Please note that my pricing structure is based on a very competitive labour rate to ensure I am always giving you the best possible price. However , every design is bespoke and unique and I usually invest time up front in creating a design and sketching it for you so there are no surprises when you receive your cake. I also use extremely high quality ingredients to ensure that your cake not only looks good but also TASTES good.

Do you offer tastings and/or design consultations?

At this stage, I offer consultations only on a discretionary basis and will usually only do so if you have a number of very disparate ideas/cake designs that require sitting together to come up with a cohesive concept. Consultations usually last around 45min- 1 hour and cost $50 which is fully creditable back to your cake design if you proceed. This cost includes a complimentary tasting of up to 4 cake flavours and up to 2 fillings which you take home with you to enjoy before deciding on your final flavour.

How do you price your other products (figurines, cake pops and cupcakes)?

Cake pops start from $3.50 each. Basic figurines and hand made cake toppers start from $60 each. More complex toppers (eg. shoes or intricate figurines requiring extensive detail start at $100 ea).

Couture cupcakes can really vary depending on design however these generally start from $3.50 and can be as much as $7 each. If you wish to hire great looking stands for your cupcakes these are also available for a nominal fee and a refundable security deposit. Custom made cake stands are available at extra charge – please enquire.

Do you have a standard range I can choose from?

At this stage, I don’t offer a standard range of cakes as my cake philosophy is to create a unique experience for every person who commissions me for a cake. I am always interested in a new and exciting challenge at this stage hence repetition of old orders is not what I generally prefer to do. However if something I’ve done before really does take your fancy then by all means feel free to enquire and we can refresh and adapt the design to something new and unique.

Do you make other baked goods that aren’t just cakes?

My main focus is large cakes however I can also make cake pops and cupcakes. Macarons are no longer offered as a product howecver I highly recommend La Renaissance Patisserie for macarons – they are the best in Sydney and deliver within the CBD and surrounds.

Do you deliver interstate?

At this stage I don’t due to the high risk of damange from transporting cakes long distance – not good for you or me! I do however have access to an incredible network of fantastic cake artists all over Australia and would be happy to refer you to another cake artist in your local area.

How long does it take to make an average 2-3 tier cake?

The elapsed time in creating a cake can take up to 3-14 days again depending on complexity. The process takes time due to steps in the process such as baking and cooling on Day 1, carving, coating with fillings and allowing fillings to set on Day 2, making decorations (sometimes up to 1-2 weeks in advance where they are items such as figurines or sugar flowers) and finally finishing the cake the last couple of days right before a cake is due for delivery.  Additional time also needs to be factored in where figurines are required which are often very labour intensive due to intricate detail and these are often made in advance of the final covering and decoration of the cake.

For large wedding cakes please note that this is essentially like making several cakes at once and the internal construction required for the cakes to be stable and transportable also takes additional time. Many people often ask me why wedding cakes are so expensive – creating stacked cakes often requires much more labour to ensure that the cake doesn’t collapse and often specialised drilling of internal boards and dowel supports isrequired, all of which take more time and expertise. Intricate and customised piping detail and sugar flowers are also the most labour intensive aspects of making a cake and are usually most popular on wedding cakes which means the price of wedding cakes are often much higher than other occasion cakes.

Novelty cakes are also more expensive not only because of their extra “wow” factor but also because they require a lot of carving and this results in cake being wasted in the process to achieve a special shape. They are also generally more complex and difficult to cover and hence require more time, expertise and detail than a standard cake.

Why do you need a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice for a major cake project and at least 3 weeks’ notice for smaller projects?

I am not a full time cake decorator and also work a full time job which means I do most of my decorating in the evenings and sourcing specialised materials such as boards, stands,  ribbons, decoration, tints, dusts and equipment where necessary on my weekends and on weeknights. This can be quite time consuming hence I have to plan around weeks in advance so that I can arrange my schedule accordingly and allow for delivery times of any special items for any particular cake eg. any specialised materials or a custom cake stand which can sometimes take up to a month to arrive from overseas.

When are you available?

Please click the “Availability” tab above for more information – I update this page constantly and this is always up to date.

What cake flavours can you make?

Please visit the “Commission” page for more information.

What cake fillings are you able to offer?

Please visit the “Commission” page for more information.

How do I order?

Please visit the “Commission” page for more information – just fill out the form and I will reply to you very quickly.

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